Washed away

The morning surprisingly was just the way I like it, the grey clouds spread across the sky and the droplets dripping off from the now evergreen leaves. It was a usual school day so I got ready and stood at the side of the road waiting for the red bus to arrive. Looking to my left I saw this black dog staring out at the empty road and small puddles and seemed pretty lonely, surprisingly I saw the same dog sitting right there in its same spot the next day.

Every morning on the footpath there are men arranging the newspaper ready to distribute it. Some old men walking around with their sport shoes on on this fresh morning.

The sound of the waves coming from the beach that I pass on the way and the salty sea smell coming from it is so refreshing that can’t help but get lost in a world under water where I’m a mermaid and I have fish for friends and live inside a coral plant. Right when I was about to drown in the ocean of my thoughts, a drop of rain fell on my head that brought me back to reality..

The exotic smell of the pakodas and ginger tea that the old man and his wife make at the side of the bus stop in a small stall on this wet cool morning. Some might think it’s unhygienic but to me its  the best that one could ever eat. 

It’s 7am by then and my school starts. And the perfect morning is over as I am then inside the four walls of the class room and not around the fresh monsoon air and bright green trees looking at strangers do what they always do. 


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